ORIS BIG CROWN POINTER DATE Mare Nostrum Blu L.E. for Italy
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Mare Nostrum Blu L.E. for Italy is the first Oris limited edition made for the market
Italian. This Big Crown Pointer Date takes inspiration and wants to celebrate history and the
civilization of the Roman Empire.
The Roman Empire reached its ideal extension with the naval victory of Anzio in 31 BC. of Octavian Augustus. On this date the Pax Augusta is established, that situation of security and solidity that allowed all populations of the Empire to flourish. This condition lasted for 4 years and was based on industriousness, on the application of the laws of Rome and on one efficient network of communications by land and by sea, guaranteed by one principle: the freedom of shift. Today, millennia later, we can recognize that a large part of the values rooted in Western culture, it originates from Roman civilization and from the contributions of all populations present on this territory.


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